Townhouse Development Costs

Townhouse development costs

When it comes to townhouse development costs, you can’t afford to leave anything to chance. An accurate estimation of building costs is integral to controlling and monitoring budgets for construction projects. That said, development costs are always going to be fluid and subject to marketing conditions. That means you need to build a certain amount of flexibility into your cost analysis to ensure that you can handle any surprises that arise.

At Homebuilder Advocate, we’re ready to help. With extensive experience, in-depth industry knowledge and a broad network of suppliers and contractors, we can work with you to provide a complete cost analysis for your townhouse or subdivision project.

Based on your individual project and investment goals we can provide a detailed and completely independent cost estimate for your project.

The cost to build a townhouse in Melbourne will depend on a wide variety of factors and include a large number of components. Some of these include:

  • Surveying
  • Drafting and planning
  • Demolition
  • Site preparation
  • Plan of subdivision
  • Construction costs
  • Marketing costs
  • Project management

We provide fully accurate cost data based on our in-depth industry knowledge and experience, market research and analysis, and unbiased estimates from our network of suppliers and contractors.

With our extensive experience working across construction and development projects across Melbourne, we understand the fluid nature of development costs and always make sure to include contingency within our estimations, to ensure that you aren’t working too close to the line.

Building Estimation Services

These are just of the building estimation services we can provide:

  • Building estimation services
  • Bill of quantities of Builder / owner building project
  • Full bill of quantities based on builder rates or generic industry rates for normal residential houses to multi-lot townhouses
  • Quantities derived from popular estimating software
  • Quotation of desired quantities from industry partner professionals
  • Purchase order distribution on behalf of builder to trades and contractors
  • Full cost analysis of project via bill of quantities
Townhouse development costs 2

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