About Homebuilder Advocate

At Homebuilder Advocate, we provide a range of independent property investment, advocacy and advisory services for clients throughout Melbourne. Whether you’re looking for a new home builder consultant, a property advisor or a vendors or buyers advocate, we can help.

We are a trusted independent resource in the Melbourne property marketplace. We provide unbiased advice based on expert market research and analysis to achieve the most compatible and cost-efficient outcome for your house and land.

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Trust to Deliver

Looking to build a New Home or Investment Property?

  • Planning & Management

  • Strategy & Positioning

  • Find Your Best Fit Builder

  • Save Time Save Money

  • Avoid Mistakes

Our Services

Builder support process and documentation

  • Detailed explanation of typical builder process
  • Costs analysis report
  • Detailed Scope of works of inclusions
  • Land data report
  • Property Service Information report on land*
  • Soils report*
  • Feature Survey*
  • Engineering report*

* Land must be titled to obtain reports and documents

HBA will provide a thorough explanation of these documents which can be used to accurately tender on your project.

Building / Real estate professional selections

  • Engage recommended and trusted quality professionals
  • Conveyancers
  • Finance broker
  • Engineers of multi-lot sub-divisions

HBA will guide assist with all these aspects you will not be alone on this journey.

Building estimation services

  • Bill of quantities of Builder / owner building project
  • Full bill of quantities based on builder rates or generic industry rates for normal residential houses to multi-lot townhouses
  • Quantities derived from popular estimating software
  • Quotation of desired quantities from industry partner professionals
  • Purchase order distribution on behalf of builder to trades and contractors
  • Full cost analysis of project via bill of quantities

Land negotiations

  • Assistance in selecting the appropriate land for you and your budgets
  • Assistance in project so-ordination of sub-dividing land
  • Understand the land impacts of your future home / project
  • Negotiations with real estate agents to purchase on your behalf

Shortlist builder options

  • Comprehensive comparison of builders inclusions
  • Annotate report of builders promotions
  • Advise if that particular builder is for you (price, design capability and suitability)
  • Comparison builder quotations

Tendering of your home / development /project

  • Detailed report from HBA of your projection specification and requirement
  • HBA will tender out your project to its Trusted and reputable build professionals
  • Builders will bid on your project and find your dream home builder partner

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How We Can Help You

If you’re building a new home, developing an investment strategy, working as an owner-builder or selling a property, having an expert property advisor and new home consultant in your corner can simplify the process and save you significant time and money.

Contact us today to organise a 30-minute consultation. A small investment could end up saving you tens of thousands of dollars and put you on the road to the home of your dreams.

Make your dream home a reality

Building your own home is a complex and emotionally charged process. We can provide a numbers-driven advisory service to help keep you on track.

We offer highly specialised construction estimation services across all aspects of the industry including residential, commercial and apartment construction, renovation and rectification of challenged projects. We can provide you with expert research and comparisons within a few short weeks.

Worried you may be paying too much?

Feeling like your inexperience may lead to you being taken advantage of? This feeling is common among first-time home builders.

While some costs are unavoidable, being aware of the main costs is important for budgeting and to ensure you are not hit with any surprises down the track.

With our house building cost estimators, we can provide detailed up-front cost analysis for your project, providing you with clarity, certainty and peace of mind.

Balancing an already busy schedule?

A building or renovation project can be complex and time consuming. Knowing where to start, carrying out research, finding the best block, exploring government incentives, finding a reliable builder, dealing with government permits, comparing quotes… the process seems endless.

We will act on your behalf, handling the complexities, streamlining the process and managing the project from start to finish.

Our experience, your advantage

Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or an experienced owner-builder, a renovator, or a developer, we are here to help you navigate the challenging construction process.

Our diverse on-site experience and knowledge of construction details, standards and codes are what set us apart from the rest.

Delivering your dream home with cost and time certainty

Being an owner-builder can save you tens of thousands of dollars if done right.

To ensure you maximise your investment while minimising your expenditure of time and money, talk to one of our home building consultants to establish a realistic budget and timeline.

Building experience, a phone call away

Homebuilder Advocate brings build experience, a well established network of providers and detailed knowledge of the Building Codes, relevant Australian Standards and industry regulations.

Partnering with Homebuilder Advocate can make the world of difference, saving you from encountering challenges before you build and saving you from unforeseen costs.

What We Offer

You are making the greatest investment decision of your life.

We have more than 25 years of experience in the home building industry, covering everything from volume houses to one-off boutique homes and high-end luxury homes. When you hire and work with one of our team, you can rest assured that you are getting completely independent, unbiased and expert advice from the best team in Melbourne.
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Our Process Explained

Our team will work with you to determine an agreed scope of works depending your building project value, complexity and urgency.

We have pricing models to fit every project and every budget, with flexibility for either:

Time and materials cost model
Pay for what you use
Fixed Firm Price
Upfront payment aligned to an agreed scope of works
Progress Payments
Pay at each agreed milestone

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